Epworth Therapy and Assessment Centre - Counselling and educational psychologists - Germiston Johannesburg

Epworth Therapy and Assessment Centre

Counselling and Educational Psychologists

Epworth Therapy and Assessment Centre has made a difference in the lives of children and families everyday for the last 100 years. We have evolved into a community resource centre that is diversified, dynamic and developmentally oriented.

We offer a wide range of psychological services on both a private and community basis.

The services we offer include a variety of

  • Assessments
  • Therapy/counselling
  • Learning support (previously referred to as remedial therapy)
  • Workshops/training for parents, professionals and children

Assessments offered

  • Emotional assessments
  • Academic/scholastic (reading, writing, spelling, numeracy and cognitive functioning)
  • Concession assessments
  • Career and subject choice assessment
  • School readiness assessment
  • Interactive evaluations for families
  • Sexual abuse assessments

Therapy/Counselling Services

  • Individual psychotherapy for all ages (adult therapy and play therapy for children)
  • Group therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Marriage therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Theraplay (therapy for encouraging attachment)
  • Parent guidance
  • Support groups

We are a therapy and assessment centre based in Lambton, Germiston. We employ a multi-disciplinary team of social workers and psychologists to promote children’s all round development and cater for a variety of community needs. We are now also excited to offer you adult and child psychological services at our private practice.

Practice No: 0562858