Dr Herman Holtzhausen

Spiritual Counsellor
Linden, Randburg, Johannesburg
PhD Family Therapy (UP)
Mobile Number: 083 252 5239
Email Address: herman@therapytoday.co.za
61 D 4th Avenue, Linden, Randburg, Johannesburg

I am a certified Spiritual Health Specialist. In my practice I offer psycho-spiritual therapy and spiritual care. My field of specialisation is pain relief.

I hold a PhD in family therapy where I researched the link between mindfulness, awareness creation and compassion in the context of land reform. Amongst others, I employed the relatively new strategy of fictional research writing.

I address emotional and physical pain in all its individual, relationship and societal manifestations. My approach is Mindful, Systemic & Narrative. I specialise in sitting with your pain and listening to it. I am interested in its nuances, manifestations, permeations and how it impacts your life. My aim is to be alongside you in seeking and creating ways of integrating and overcoming your pain to live a life of quality. Often we do this work while making sense of living with its insurmountable, insoluble and irrepressible presence.

May our process enable you to make sense of your pain, learn from your pain, grow with and through your pain. May you find relief from pain. May you heal, transcend and find compassion.

ACRP no. CPSC D117/18