Dr Herman Holtzhausen

Family Therapist
Linden, Randburg, Johannesburg
PhD Family Therapy (UP)
Mobile Number: 083 252 5239
61 D 4th Avenue, Linden, Randburg, Johannesburg

I assist individuals and groups like couples and families in dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, divorce, indecision, despair, parenting, relationship challenges and trauma.

Narrative Therapy

One of my preferred approaches is Narrative Therapy. It is a creative and liberating form of talk therapy. A signpost of this therapeutic conversation is that ‘you are not the problem – the problem is the problem!’ Narrative Therapy allows a client to become aware of the inner stories that may be creating pain or crises. Once the story has been identified, the client can assess whether or not this narrative is still useful to them. Sometimes only one aspect of the story needs to change. For other clients the whole story needs to be rewritten. The process of rewriting our inner narratives is a creative and exciting one. By looking back at our lives, we find the seeds of the alternative narratives that may be struggling to grow. By identifying and nurturing these narratives, we can find new life and leave behind pain and perceptions that may have trapped us.

As an outsider and a listener, I use my relative objectivity to help my clients see that they are, and always have been, more than the narratives that may be limiting them.

Systems Thinking

Systemic approaches are clear about the fact that even as individuals we are in dynamic relationships with various smaller and larger communities or families. These communities are helpful and at times less helpful. Let’s talk and see how these relationships are working for you.


I have been teaching mindfulness and meditation since 1997. Once we practise living mindfully, we also internalise the helper. In other words, we become witnesses to our thoughts and feelings in a fresh, non-judgemental and healing way.

Registration number: ACRP no. CPSC D117/18