Hester de Lange

Wellness and Mental Health Counsellor

Kempton Park / Moreleta Park, Pretoria

BA Degree Health Science;; Social Services Honors Degree in Psychological Counseling

082 843 7247



The Family Corner, De Villebois Mareuil Drive, Moreleta Park, Pretoria, South Africa

Are you constantly feeling stressed or anxious?  Not sure why you are feeling irritable or annoyed at others?

Perhaps consider how counseling therapy can be beneficial to your growth and personal development.

My therapy method provides Stress and Anxiety Counseling, Health screening and Therapeutic arts with the aim to make sense of your emotions for personal growth and development.

My work involves a great deal of activity around Stress and Anxiety and understanding the emotional challenges people face in their daily lives.

If you are constantly feeling stressed or anxious then this is the perfect time for you to focus on yourself, to better understand your own feelings and make sense of the world around you.

Hester de Lange, Counseling Therapist holds a Degree in Health Science and Social Services and a
Bachelors of Arts Honors in Counseling Psychology, currently completing her Masters with a focus on Education.

She has been registered with the Council for Counselors (CCSA COU1669) since 2012.

She runs a counselling private practice from Pretoria East that focuses on providing clients with
Stress and Anxiety Counselling, *Health Screening, and Therapeutic Arts sessions with the aim to give clients necessary tools and guidance to reduce Stress and Anxiety for personal growth & development.
*see presentation below

She is the Director at Gethybrid Academy for learners who do not fit the frame of mainstream schooling due to Psychological challenges such as stress & anxiety, depression and LGBTQ students.

She is the author of the learning program Geteducare.co.za that assists students with educational challenges to complete their high schooling and offers training across South Africa to centers on the learning program.

She runs a Health & Education Support group for professionals with the aim of building a network for referrals. They meet once a month for a free therapeutic arts session for their personal empowerment and growth.

Practice Number: COU1669