Henning Gericke - Psychological counsellor - Somerset West

Henning Gericke

Psychological Counsellor

Welcome to my page!

Since an early age people have told me that I am a good listener.

On my life’s journey I have experienced anxiety and depression as a child. I didn’t talk much and didn’t engage with people. But I was a keen observer and listener and honed these skills because that was my connection to the world.

Later in life I decided to use these qualities as the foundation for my profession.

My wish for you…

I hope to take you on an empowering journey to become the BEST VERSION of yourself DESPITE your circumstances.


I have 20 years counselling experience in various settings.

This includes:

  • educational (high school and university),
  • medical (general wards and emergency rooms),
  • community level,
  • on-site (trauma counselling),
  • online and
  • private practice.


Within these settings I have dealt, among other things, with trauma, stress, burnout, feelings of depression and anxiety, relationship issues.

Finally, I have dealt with diverse target groups. This includes, preteens, teens, young adults (students), adults , the elderly, medical professionals, employees within business environments and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Contact me to engage in an empowering process. One which acknowledges your pain, but also enables you to tap into your own resources and strengths. Therefore, you don’t become dependent on the counsellor/ therapist, on generic techniques that’s not tailor-made for you or tools and skills that are usually limited to very specific situations.

Move towards hope!

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