Jean-Marie Krause - Counsellor, Trauma Facilitator - Blouberg

Jean-Marie Krause

Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Trauma Facilitator

Jean-Marie Krause - Counsellor, Trauma Facilitator - Blouberg

Parklands North, Blouberg, Cape Town

Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist, General Counsellor, Trauma Facilitator

076 194 8174

Jean-Marie Krause


43 Kennington Close, Milnerton Rural, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

Hi, I’m Jean-Marie Krause, a qualified Hypnotherapist in Blouberg, Cape Town. I specialise in helping adults navigate and overcome adverse childhood experiences, anxiety and depression.

My expertise extends to addressing issues such as self-esteem, confidence, smoking cessation, and weight loss.

With internationally recognised credentials in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, and Trauma facilitation, coupled with a global therapeutic background, I bring a pragmatic approach to healing. Drawing from personal experiences with depression, anxiety, and self-esteem struggles, I provide empathetic guidance to high-achieving women, helping to transform them into a version of themselves free from emotional burdens and mental health issues.


CO 3080 Council For Counsellors South Africa

43 Kennington Close, Parklands North, Blouberg, Cape Town, 7441