Anna Aronis

Certified Hypnotherapist - (Non Medical) - Specialist Ethnopsychology Practitioner - Ethnomedicine Practitioner
Edenvale, Johannesburg
D.Emed, EPP, C.Ht, B.Msc, Rev
Mobile Number: +27 82 485 6350 whatsapp only
Helvetia House, 80 Greenvale Road, Germiston, Gauteng

Areas of Specialty / Qualifications - T/Dr :

  • Spiritual - Transpersonal / Metaphysical Counseling
  • Life Coaching / Life Changes / Personal growth
  • Spirit Release Therapy / Sleep Paralysis
  • Spirit De-possession - intensive healing - working through love
  • Past / Parallel Life Regression / Lives between Lives
  • Spiritual / Divine Contracts / Vow Releasing
  • Release of Earth Bound Entities & Counseling
  • Releasing / Removal of Negative Energy attachments
  • Healing lost Souls / Walk-ins
  • Relationships - Marriage / Divorce
  • Depression / Fears / Anxiety / Anger / Phobias / Sleep Disorders
  • Sexual Abuse / Rape / Abusive Relationships
  • Abuse : Woman / Child
  • Rejection / Self-image / Weight-Loss / Stress
  • Retrenchment / Bereavement
  • Inner Child Therapy / Trauma
  • Drug & Substance Abuse / Addictions / Studies
  • Nail-Biting / Bi-Polar & Schizophrenia / HIV
  • Removal of Curses / Evil eye / Witchcraft / Muti / Tokoloshes
    Deep knowledge of various cultural beliefs & rituals in this respect.

As a person :

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist - (Non Medical), in Practise since 2009.  I believe in Holistic healing and my services include : Hypnotherapy - (Non Medical), Counseling and Life Coaching.  I am passionate about helping people heal, in a Holistic manner.  I use different modalities, to achieve a balanced healthy Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual state.

I follow a Spiritual path.  I have had exposure to and work with different cultures and Spiritual orientations.

I specialise in Spirit Release  /  Paranormal Release Therapy  /  Sleep paralysis  /  Regression  /  Inner Child Therapy  /  Trauma  /  Energy clearings and Life Coaching.

I will assess you and work out the safest and most gentle way of assisting you, to clear all the  emotional issues and help you find your way, through difficult and sometimes, life-changing events.

My aim is to empower my clients with knowledge and the appropriate tools, helping them to go within and discover their best individual path, to continue their life path on their own.  This therapeutic process, allows them to embark on a journey to healing and growth.

Once you have taken the decision and made the first step, to start your healing journey, we will work together, based on your individual needs and at your individual pace, to find the best suitable way to heal / clear the "emotional issues / blockages", that are holding you back from living the life that you were meant to live as your 'Authentic Self'.

This is your journey - all you need is to take the first step.  I commit to do my best, to help you.

DO IT NOW..... send me a whatsapp ... +27 82 485 6350

Registrations :

HEPASA - Hypnotherapy and EthnoPsychology Association of SA
IMDHA Certified Hypnotherapist
(International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association USA : Qualification)
Ethnomedicine Practitioner - D.Emed - SAEPB
IHLCA Holistic Life Coach : (International Holistic Life Coaching Association Certification)
Traditional Medical Practitioner - T/Dr.
REIKI Master - (USUI)
Bachelor of Metaphysical Science – University of Sedona

As a Professional :

I follow a Spiritual path.  I have had exposure to and work with different Cultures and Spiritual orientations.

I have extensive experience with a wide range of Psychological / Paranormal issues.  I consult at a Drug Rehabilitation center too.

Specialist in :

Hypnotherapy - (Non Medical) / EthnoPsychology / Spirit Release Therapy /
Paranormal Release Therapy / Life Coaching / REIKI Master

Energy clearing of : Self / Family / Business / Home / Remote & Distant clearings / Personal items etc.

Studies include :

Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysical Science / Advanced EthnoPsychology / Abnormal Psychology / Counselling / Ancient Wisdom / Paranormal Psychology / Energy Clearings / Dowsing

I am in process of completing my Master's thesis and researching for my Ph.D. in Metaphysical Science.

Working hours :

Contact me to arrange an appointment that is suitable
I consult at the office from 9h30-15h30 (last appointment)
I work some Public Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays

My Fees : Please enquire for different modalities

Registration Numbers:

HEPASA Registration No : 9256EPP0810
IMDHA Registration No : 0109-07559
TRAMSO Registration No : TRA110500005

DO IT NOW..... send me a whatsapp ... +27 82 485 6350