Sonica Mouton

Industrial & Organisational Psychologist, Strategic Solutions and Future Skills Coach

I am a registered Psychologist (Industrial/Organisational) who specializes in providing expert scientific solutions with a focus on creativity, integrity and leadership.   I use a holistic approach and have experience ranging from private sector right through to public sector. I have my own practice and also travel where needed to my clients.

I offer

  • Subject choices (Grade 9)
  • Individual and Career Development (Adult and Student). Here my focus is on developing and growing the individual to function optimally in the ever changing world of work. This can be done through guiding them in terms of their career, emotional and creativity coaching as well as brain profiling.
  • Future skills assessment and coaching
  • Stress and emotional wellbeing: I focus on helping individuals find strategies to help them cope with daily emotional problems.
  • Leadership Development where my goal is to build a leader’s capability to achieve short and long-term organisation goals. Included here are problem solving, creativity and systems thinking coaching.
  • Psychometric Assessment. I offer advanced psychometric assessment services to assist organisations in talent management, selection, development and team work.
  • Organisational and Team Development to improve the effectiveness of organisations through developing solutions for both business processes and people processes within the context of the organisation.
  • Job and competency profiling: I work with clients to accurately define job objectives and competency requirements for various positions.

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HPCSA Number: PS 0138118 / PMT 0088447