Tanya du Plessis

Industrial Psychologist
Olympus, Pretoria, South Africa
MCom Industrial Psychology, BCom (Hons) Industrial Psychology, BCOM Behaviour Sciences
Mobile Number: 082 457 8297
Email Address: tanya@rootsofwork.com
Skype: tanya duplessis
Olympus, Pretoria, South Africa

Career guidance

I assist my clients to make informed career decisions towards a fulfilling and meaningful career. I follow a co-design approach and use appropriate diagnostic tools and techniques to assist individuals with their important career decisions. I assist the following clients with career guidance:

  • Grade 11 and Grade 12
  • Adults

Career coaching services

I assist clients with the following types of coaching services:

  • to discover their passion
  • to put energy into building their strengths
  • to challenge beliefs about themselves and others
  • to strengthen relationships at work
  • to remove barriers
  • to deal with stress and burnout
  • to cope with issues in an emotional intelligent way
  • to make important decisions
  • to enjoy a balanced life
  • to resolve any other career or work-related problems

Business consulting services

I consult with clients to foster a workplace environment where employees are engaged and productive. I do this through the use of psychometric assessments for selection and development purposes and employee surveys.


“Thank you so much for taking me on as a client. With having uncertainties regarding decisions and future career opportunities, your assistance was and remains invaluable.  You took the time to understand how I think which allowed me to participate in the process much better which resulted in our discussions and results being more meaningful.  The report supplied at the end was extensive and right on point! Which for me was awesome.” 

 “Roots of Work really gave me a better understanding of who I am and my personality in a professional workspace. I’ve learned a lot from the tests that I’ve taken, including areas of improvement within my personality that I need to focus on in order to progress better in my respective career.”

"Tanya has helped me to see that I can turn a perceived weakness into one of my strengths, and how to use that new strength to improve in other areas.”

For more information about me or Roots of Work, please visit www.rootsofwork.com

Practice Number: 0796549
HPCSA Number: PS 0135836