Miehe Marais

Industrial Psychologist
Secunda, Mpumalanga
Mobile Number: 084 247 1188
Email Address: miehe@miehemarais.co.za
Secunda Mpumalanga

I’m an industrial psychologist who helps individuals, groups and organisations to harness their strengths, construct better stories, overcome obstacles and flourish through career guidance, coaching, counselling and consulting.

Service Offering

Career Guidance

Subject Choice Guidance | Scholar Career Guidance | Adult Career Guidance
Guidance is provided from a holistic perspective where qualitative as well as quantitative instruments and activities are used. The client is seen as the expert on his/ her career-life story and the psychologist only as the facilitator of the process. There is strong focus on job analysis (i.e. shadowing or job incumbent interviews) as research has proven that this greatly enhances the probability of career success and satisfaction.


Life Coaching | Life coaching empowers and motivates the client to reach his/ her goals whether personal or professional. Coaching is conducted from a humanistic positive psychology paradigm and can easily be combined with strengths-based coaching (see below).

Individual Strengths Coaching | Coaching is also done from a positive psychology perspective which focusses on what is “right” with the individual and investing in this to make it exceptional, rather than concentrating on what is “wrong” with the individual and working on this until it is “okay”.

Couple Strengths Coaching | Facilitates awareness, understanding and a new appreciation for each other’s strengths, thereby also providing a platform for better communication and management of conflict in a relationship.

Study Coaching | The goal is to motivate and equip students with study tools and strategies that fit their design to enable them to greatly improve their academic performance. This study coaching program has delivered exceptional results.


Team Strengths Awareness Coaching | Increased personal awareness and appreciation of own and other’s strengths which in turn may decrease conflict in a team. Visible investment in individual and team growth which could facilitate higher morale and greater engagement and motivation. Valuable information to be used when deciding on job roles. Managers are coached on how to better manage their team members according to their strengths which in turn could lead to higher productivity.

Psychometrics for Recruitment & Selection | To ensure you get the right person for the job, psychometric assessments can provide valuable information to inform recruitment and selection decisions, saving you time and money.


“The career guidance sessions were spot on! I received the motivation and inspiration I needed to make a proper career decision.”
- Career Guidance Client

“The career guidance sessions provided me with a constructive environment and Miehe acted as a sounding board that gave me the opportunity to express my opinions and experiences regarding certain careers, my own skills as well as my limitations. This allowed me to get to a point where I can decide on the way forward for myself.”
– Adult Career Guidance Client

“Sometimes you just need someone to help you figure out a way to reach your goals and to steer you in the right direction.  Life coaching really helped me to gain greater perspective by realising what is really important to me. It boosted my self-confidence and helped me to stay motivated to achieve my goals.
–Teacher and soon to be mother

“My daughter enjoyed the study coaching and learnt a lot. The service was professional and Miehe was always friendly and ready to listen. My daughter’s marks improved a great deal - during the 1st quarter of the year she was 19th on the top 30 of her grade and after these sessions she moved up to 5th place on the ranking! The sessions increased her confidence in her school work - It was definitely worth it.”
- Mother of a Grade 9 student

“The study coaching really helped me. I received excellent advice and I would recommend it to everyone.”
- Grade 12 Student

"I found the couples strengths coaching extremely interesting, exciting and a very big eye opener for myself and for my partner.  I would definitely recommend this coaching to other couples as it facilitates an increased understanding of why you and your partner act the way you do and knowing this equips you to better support and assist each other. In short – it was awesome!”
Soon to be husband

HPCSA no: PS 012 5555
Practice no:
PR 058 2077