Clinical Psychologist, Leslie Ebben B.A Psych (UJ), B.A. Hons Psych (UJ), M.A Clin Psych (UJ)

Jannet Davel

Industrial Psychologist

According to Fish, Mclead & Breman (2014) the top ten in-demand jobs in 2013 did not exist in 2004.  We are currently preparing students for jobs that do not exist yet, using technology that haven’t been invented, in order to solve problems we do not know are problems yet. In the workplace we need to open our minds to this reality. For the first time in history we have four generations working side-by-side.  Marcus Buckingham (2008) reported that 17% of people are disengaged at work. It is evident that career guidance will have to be addressed differently to achieve an appropriate outcome.

As an Industrial Psychologist I am passionate about careers and guiding people to find a meaningful and fulfilling career. I firmly believe that if you are going to spend 8 or more hours at work you should absolutely chase what makes you come alive.

My approach to career guidance is holistic – combining qualitative and quantitative measurements.  We spend time exploring an individual’s ability, personality, preferences, interests, background and strengths. I believe it is an absolute necessity to combine psychometric information with narrative investigation, face-to-face interview and history, which allows for a holistic snapshot and direction of better-suited careers.

Everyone has a story to tell and if you can find a career where you can engage according to your strengths and where your personality, preferences and abilities meet, you will experience flow, satisfaction and meaning from work.

The vision includes people with clear career aspirations, the power to chase what makes them come alive and the determination and drive to make their career story a success.  My background includes a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology at the University of Pretoria as well as three years at a well-known consultancy.  Teaching is also a passion and on occasion I assist in the Human Resource Department at the University of Pretoria as part-time lecturer.

Areas of Interest:

  • Career Guidance
    • Grade 11/12
    • Graduates
    • Adult Mid-Career
  • Subject Choices (Grade 9)
  • Strength Coaching for Personal and Career Development

Sometimes in the process the need for psychological assistance is identified and I refer broadly to a range of trusted clinical and counselling psychologists.

Medical aid tariffs apply. Fees to be claimed back personally from your medical aid provided you have funds available.

HPCSA Number: PS 0121266
Practice Number: PR 0546119