Leigh Johnstone - Industrial Psychologist - Glenwood, Durban

Leigh Johnstone

Industrial Psychologist

Leigh Johnstone - Industrial Psychologist - Glenwood, Durban

Glenwood, Berea, Durban

M.A. - Industrial Psychology; Hons - Psychology; B.SocSci - Psychology & HR. (UKZN)

071 361 9683


Glenwood, Berea, Durban Metro, South Africa

I am an Industrial psychologist and lecturer based in Durban. I offer a range of consulting services aimed at individual, group and organisational levels. I have over 10 years’ experience within the Organisational Development space and have gained much of my experience as a consultant within mining organisations.

My key areas of expertise are as a teacher, counsellor and researcher.

This includes:

  • Facilitating both on-site and off-site training programs across all job-levels within organisations;
  • Conducting psychometric assessments/tests across all job-levels (360 degree leadership assessments; EQ; Personality; Cognitive Ability; Leadership Styles; Integrity and Management Impact)
  • Designing specialised workshops targeting issues such as diversity & inclusion; conflict & dispute resolution between management and union leaders; Women in mining; Strategic planning etc.
  • Counselling and coaching with regard to work-related issues. E.g. performance counselling, stress management, building interpersonal & leadership competencies, increasing Emotional Intelligence, re-framing mind-sets for growth. I use Cognitive-Behavioural, Psychodynamic and Transactional Analysis approaches to counselling and coaching
  • Designing custom Organisational surveys to enable organisations to diagnose areas for development and strength areas. These include training needs analysis; organisational climate, culture and surveys; measuring psychological capital, employee resilience, worker satisfaction, levels of wellbeing, employee attitudes etc.

I believe that no person’s identity is fixed. The way we see ourselves, others and the world is a constantly changing and evolving. We require plenty of self-reflection and re-framing our mind-sets in order to grow. The part I play is in asking the right questions and co-creating the right tools for individuals to flourish.

HPCSA Number: PS 0133264