Dr Johan Liebenberg

Clinical Psychologist
Trichardt, Secunda, Mpumalanga
BA (Theology); BA (Hons) Psychology; MA (Clinical Psychology)(UP); PHD (Psychotherapy)(UP)
Telephone: 017 638 0193
Mobile Number: 082 565 3419
Email Address: liebsiel@gmail.com
Fax: 0866 362 253
Room 205, Highveld Mediclinic Hospital, Trichardt, Secunda, Mpumalanga

Dr. Liebenberg completed his M.A degree (Clinical Psychology) in 1990 and a PhD (Psychotherapy) in 2005, both of these at the University of Pretoria.

Dr Liebenberg’s practice is grounded in a transtheoretical paradigm. His professional identity was shaped through learning therapies in various modalities; and by way of   solid psychological theory and practice. The therapeutic interventions applied in his practice, have been tried and tested in his personal life via his own personal therapy and experiential learning since 1983. Honor and acknowledgement must be given to countless highly skilled and experienced therapists as well as willing patients that contributed to the formation of Dr. Liebenberg’s professional identity as a therapist and clinical psychologist.

Some of these modalities include:  Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic theoretical perspectives and practices; Systemic and Structural approaches; Humanistic and Client Centered Therapy; Existential Phenomenological approaches; Interpersonal and Self Psychology; Group Relations Theory and practice; Cognitive approaches; Brief Therapy; Solution Focused approaches; and Hypnotherapy.

Dr. Liebenberg applies “state of the art” therapeutic practices informed by the most recent research in the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology and Attachment Theory.

From 2009 his training was extended to include the practices of Ego state Therapy, Ericsonian Hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Integration Therapy, Emotionally Focused Marital Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and Soma psycho-sensory therapy.

Upskilling in the current ‘body up’ therapeutic approaches (as opposed to the well known ‘top down’ counseling approaches) is an ongoing priority in his practice.

Dr. Liebenberg is an ardent reader of, inter alia:  Ethical Philosophy, Human Anatomy and Physiology; Traumatology; Paleontology; History and Evolution of Human Consciousness; Creation of Wealth; and the interaction between human nature and sustainable living on earth.

Dr. Liebenberg believes that each human being/patient is unique and singular. Each patient is met without preconceptions or attempts to place him/her in a theoretical framework. Although formal knowledge and training assist in understanding humanity, each therapy or patient is approached with an ‘experiential ignorance’ or as the psychoanalyst, Wilfred Bion urges, as a meeting with “no memory or desire” in order to honor the uniqueness of the person, the creation of a healing atmosphere and planning of unique corrective healing experiences.

Dr. Liebenberg is a committed jogger who loves to do multi-stage races in extreme circumstances, he cycles, enjoys the gym, is also a farmer and businessman. He has been married for
32 years and is privileged to have 4 adult sons, successful in their respective disciplines.

Areas of competence

  • Adjustment and mood disorders (depression, bipolar mood disorder)
  • Marital and relational difficulties
  • Trauma Debriefing (Loss, miscarriage, domestic violence, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, rape, assault, hijacking, accidents, childhood trauma)
  • Psychosomatic health problems (that is a physical disease that is thought to be caused, or made worse, by mental factors). E.g. Chest pains, Tiredness, Dizziness, Back pain, Feeling sick (nauseated), psoriasis, eczema, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease and some auto-immune diseases  .
  • Behavioral problems (Aggression, impulsivity, conduct disorder, oppositional and defiant behavior)


Practice Number: 8617430
Hpcsa Number:  PS 00029424