Lisa Foale – Process Oriented Psychotherapy

Process Oriented Psychotherapy


Kalk Bay & Scarborough, Cape Town

Diploma in Processwork, Processwork Institute (Oregon, USA), Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Process-Oriented Facilitation (Processwork Institute, Oregon, USA), Masters of Arts in Process Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies (Processwork Institute, Oregon, USA)

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136 Main Road, Kalk Bay
6 Blesbok Street, Scarborough, Cape Town, South Africa

This approach is incredibly useful in all aspects of difficulty in life and sees these as doorways to new parts while at the same time honouring the pain and grief we experience. The result of the work is often the evolving and strengthening of the part of us that can observe ourselves in the world and increasing flexibility. It is both a therapeutic process and a tool that we can learn to use ourselves.

​The Processwork approach advocates for working in the moment with what arises while at the same time holding the bigger picture. Being process oriented means we allow each aspect of the experience to be processed as it arises. Whilst the facilitator holds the overarching picture, there is humility in that the process is the teacher and guide and outcomes are often surprising. This work is done with deep reverence and honouring of the human spirit.

I have worked with clients since 2011 in Processwork. I approach my work with deep respect for the person, their experience and their underlying process. The process itself guides the work.