Michelle Bezuidenhout

Counselling Psychologist
Online based practice; Noordhoek, Cape Town
PhD in Psychology in progress (Unisa); Masters degree in Counselling psychology (Pearson); Honours degree in Psychology ( Stellenbosch); BA degree Humanities (Stellenbosch)
Email Address: therapy@michellesmit.com
Noordhoek, Cape Town, South Africa

Online based therapy. Available after hours and weekends.

I am a HPCSA registered counselling psychologist based in Cape Town and specializing in addiction therapy.

I am fluent in both English and Afrikaans. I obtained my Master’s degree with the Pearson Institute and am currently completing my Doctorate degree in Psychology.

My passion is within the field of addiction care. I have worked within multidisciplinary teams at in-patient facilities caring for patients that have both substance and process addiction. These addictions range from; alcohol, prescription tablets, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines to shopping, gaming, and gambling to name a few. In addition, many of the patients I have treated over the years have a dual diagnosis. Often, addiction is comorbid with a psychiatric diagnosis such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders or mood disorders.

Therapy services

  • Individual psychotherapy

Addiction itself is complex and each patient is unique in their experiences. As such, my approach is holistic in that I consider various components such as developmental history, environmental contexts, and medical histories.

Addiction is often accompanied by a history of trauma, coping difficulties and feelings of grief, guilt, shame, and hopelessness. Patients may experience an impact on the functioning in areas of their life such as work, relationships, and health due to their addiction. The recovery process would entail exploring these spheres and the behavioral patterns of the individual as a means to cope. Medium to long term therapy is best suited for addiction treatment due to the complexity. If in-patient treatment is required, a referral will be made that is best suited to the patient.

  • Couples therapy

Addiction does not only affect the individual, but it affects their loved ones as well. Couples therapy provides a platform for the couple to explore their relationship difficulties and to ascertain a path forward.

  • Psychoeducation

Addiction is complex and often friends and families may not understand how to support their loved ones and may need guidance. Psychoeducation includes but is not limited to guidance on; appropriate boundaries, recovery process, the fellowship, substance use disorders, dual-diagnosis, the impact of psychiatric comorbidity and the effect addiction may have on the family system.


Practice Number: 0728470
HPCSA Number: PS0137979