Dr Annemie Peché - Neurotherapy - Bryanston & Roodepoort

Dr Annemie Peché

Clinical and Neuropsychologist, Neurotherapist, BWRT & Brainspotting Practitioner

Dr Annemie Peché - Neurotherapy - Bryanston & Roodepoort

Constantia Kloof, Roodepoort, Johannesburg

D Phil et Litt Neuro- & Clinical Psychologist; EEG Technician; Neurofeedback Clinician

011 675 6138

082 335 6133




6 Gemsbok Street, Constantia Kloof, Roodepoort, South Africa

I have been in private practice as a Clinical Psychologist since 1982, during which time I also conducted clinical, neuropsychological, and medico-legal assessments. I have been specializing in Neurotherapy (NF) since 2003, which is applicable in a wide range of emotional difficulties, ADD/ADHD, learning and behavioural difficulties, and psychosocial problems as a result of personality disorders with children and adults. I also use Neurotherapy to treat patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.

I recently started with BWRT or Brain Working Recurrence Therapy which is based on neuropsychological science. The number of sessions to reach improvement with this method is generally fewer than other methods of psychotherapy. An advantage of BWRT treatment is that patients who are reluctant to talk about old memories have a choice not to rekindle old memories during the sessions. BWRT is generally shorter term than other methods of psychotherapy.

BWRT Level 1 addresses a variety of difficulties such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety, panic, trauma
  • Anger and impulse dyscontrol
  • Shame guilt affected self-image
  • Interpersonal, social and relationship difficulties
  • Personality disorder
  • Trauma, grief, and Covid related difficulties

BWRT Level 2 addresses more stubborn conditions such as:

  • addiction
  • OCD
  • eating disorders
  • sexual obsession
  • fetishism
  • bullying


  • The Health Professions Council of SA: PS 012149
  • The Board of Health Care Funders: PR 8604797
  • as a Clinical Psychologist 1979
  • as an EEG Technician in 1995
  • I am BCIA registered (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance) as a Neurotherapist
  • as a Neuropsychologist 2021


  • SACNA (SA Clinical Neuropsychological Association)
  • SAMLA (SA Medicolegal Association)
  • Brain Working Recurrence therapy Member
  • Mediation: a member of MIM; SAMLA and Social Justice

- 12 The Palms, 6 Gemsbok St, Constantia Kloof, Roodepoort