Jenna Dias

Professional Registered Counsellor and Neurofeedback Practitioner
Westville, Durban
B.A. Psych. Hons., Dip. HR Management, Professional Registered Counsellor, Neurofeedback Practitioner (ISNR & BCIA)
Telephone: 031 266 8563
Mobile Number: 074 179 0929
Email Address:
100 Jan Hofmeyer Road Westville

Coming from a background in the public sector and having been part of a team that headed up eating disorder support groups, Jenna Oertel Dias now practices within a private setting, where she helps individuals develop awareness and coping skills focused around their difficulties.


I make use of a Cognitve Behavioural approach, where each individual is responsible for their journey and path in life. My approach is more action-oriented, allowing clients the space and opportunity to become aware of inaccurate or negative thinking, so one can view challenging situations more clearly and allow one to respond in a more effective and responsible way.

Counselling provides a safe, confidential and non-threatening space to explore alternative and healthier means of realizing one’s optimal self. Counselling is helpful with individuals who have concerns regarding anxiety, depression, trauma, co-dependency, unhealthy relationships, parenting and boundaries.

In conjunction with Counselling or as an alternative - I make use of Neurofeedback/Brain Training. This is used to train the brain to function more optimally by creating new neural pathways and often proven to be sustainable and maintainable. Neurofeedback/Brain Training is an alternative type of therapy used, which works well at addressing and changing previous negative thought patterns and behaviours by creating new and more optimal brain pathways.

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Neurofeedback is often used to help with scholastic difficulties or those kids being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD that may not respond well to drugs, don’t want to increase their dosage or who have undesirable side effects as a result.

The focus in any therapy becomes about understanding, acceptance, taking responsibility and moving forward – enabling the client to feel more in control and confident about themselves and their environment.

HPCSA Number: PRC0011800