Jennifer Ralph

Psychodynamic Therapist
City Bowl & Bellville
Bcom Hons. (Rhodes), BA Hons. (NMMU), M.A. Clinical Psychology (Stell.)
Mobile Number: 082 628 1952
Hof House,,2 Buxton Avenue, Oranjezicht
Sessional Rooms, 1st Floor, Melomed Hospital, Cnr AJ West, Voortrekker Road, Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa

I work with a range of therapy clients. Some seeking personal growth, insight and improved quality of life/ understanding of themselves. Others, experiencing severe psychological and psychiatric distress and needing intensive, even inpatient, treatment.

I am an inter subjective psychodynamic therapist. This means that the therapy not only looks at your current stressors and modes of coping but how these ways of interacting with the world have come about, based on your life experiences. It is this processing of emotion and insight, within a safe and interactive therapeutic relationship, that brings about change and emotional healing over time.

I specialize in depression, bipolar, anxiety and interpersonal relationship dynamics (with family, friends, romantic partners etc.).

I also conduct neuropsychological assessments following head injury or brain related illness.


Practice Number. 0353434
HPCSA Number. PS0101818