Henning Gericke

Registered Counseller

I am a registered counsellor with 17 years experience. I offer psychological counselling in-person, on-site for trauma and provide crisis intervention in mental health emergencies in the Helderberg and Stellenbosch area. Additionally, I also offer counselling nationally via virtual platforms.

I have a special interest in supporting medical health professionals and I am involved in two national initiatives to make counselling easily accessible to these professionals.

My clients

My ideal client is anyone of 13 years or above who wants change. Any client requesting or attending therapy, I regard as a willing and positive client, capable of change. Someone who is actually already creating part of the change, although he/she might not yet be aware of it. Even people in a lot of emotional pain, reporting for therapy, is expecting something, however small their hope or expectation may be. This includes, anyone experiencing trauma, stress, burnout, grief, relationship issues, challenges of adolescence, abusing a substance or feeling anxious or depressed.

My approach

I have a passion to be with clients within their current pain, but not leaving you there. Additionally, while I do this, listening for signs of coping, resilience, and skills DESPITE your circumstances. From here I guide you to move closer to the best version of yourself. Moving to a hope-filled future, even amidst dire circumstances.

What I offer

Contact me to engage in an empowering process. One which acknowledges your pain, but also enables you to tap into your own resources and strengths. Therefore, you don’t become dependent on the counsellor/ therapist, on generic techniques that are not tailor-made for you, or tools and skills that are usually limited to very specific situations. Move towards hope.

Practice Number: PRC0018643
HPCSA Number: 081 000 0508 764

- De Waterbosch