Fiona Wicksted

Registered Psychologist
Melville, Johannesburg
BA Hons (Psych) UNISA; M.Ed (Psych) University of the Witwatersrand
Mobile Number: 082 331 0147
Email Address:
6 Welgelegen, 28 10th St, Melville, Johannesburg, 2092, South Africa

My training as an Educational Psychologist has given me an invaluable insight into early development, and how our beginnings impact on us later on in life – be this in the terrain of relationships, work, social integration, parenting, difficulty negotiating life changes, managing distressing emotions like overwhelming anxiety, irrational jealousy, excessive irritability, feelings of poor self-worth, and name but a few.

As we “progress” through life, we may find that we keep on repeating unconstructive behaviours or getting stuck in destructive relationships, or we cannot understand why we seem to sabotage ourselves when that was never part of our life plan.

Parenting emerges as one of our biggest challenges, as our children so often evoke our own unresolved early difficulties, and parents can be reduced to feelings of helplessness and panic at a time when we are meant to be the grown-ups!

Often, for as yet, undiscovered and unconscious reasons, we are programmed to repeat distressing experiences in life, in an attempt to gain mastery and to negotiate these “sticking” points.

I attempt to work with you to explore your internal world and to help you to grow as you acquire both greater self-awareness and greater self-acceptance, so that you have options in how you choose to proceed with life. You will hopefully learn to live in a way that will involve being more true to yourself, and more open to life’s offerings.

During the course of my career I have worked with people from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. I have conducted psycho-educational assessments,  play and adult psychotherapy, couple counselling and group and individual supervision of professionals working both in private practice as well as in community settings.

Practice No: 86321468
HPCSA No : PS 0050830