Hilde Hay


Sedgefield / Knysna, Garden Route

MA (Research Psychology), BA (Hons) Psychology cum laude, BA (Hons) Industrial & Organisational Psychology cum laude.

082 325 5196




5 Kort Street, The Island, Sedgefield, 6573, South Africa

I am a psychometrist who specialises in career guidance. I also offer nature retreats for women in the beautiful Garden Route.

My approach to career guidance is soulful, intuitive and respectful. Solid career decisions cannot be based on cold test scores alone; one needs to consider yearnings, fears, dreams and context. I provide the space for my clients to explore their own make-up, and then consider careers which will bring them joy. I also offer nature retreats for women, where they have the time and freedom to re-connect to their core – a connection which is often neglected in the daily effort of caring for everyone else.

Practice nr: 0891282
HPCSA nr: PMT0044660