Agnes Mabogoane

Registered Counsellor and Psychometrist
Boksburg, Johannesburg
B.A Degree (Univerity of Limpopo), BSc Hons Psychology (MEDUNSA), B.Psyc Equivalence (UNISA) and H.E.D (University of Limpopo)
Telephone: 067 368 6995
Mobile Number: 082 560 4984
Email Address:
Dr Mpoyi surgery, 7713 Ijankomo Drive, Windmill Park, Boksburg, South Africa

I am a Registered Counsellor in Boksburg (situated in the Dawn Park Medical Centre). I work in a Private Practice, and am registered with the HPCSA as a Psychological Counsellor and Psychometrist. I provide psychological counselling for clients to express themselves, be heard and understood in a safe, nurturing and confidential environment, thereby enhancing their optimal functioning. Psychological counselling approaches used are based on the client’s individual issues.

I have a B.A Degree (University of Limpopo), BSc Hons Psychology (MEDUNSA), B.Psyc Equivalence (UNISA) and H.E.D (University of Limpopo). I have been trained in Trauma Debriefing, HIV/AIDS, Organisational Diagnosis and Development, Career Guidance.

I am registered with the HPCSA as a Registered Counsellor and Psychometrist in Boksburg, Independent Practice, and with the Board of Health Care Funders for Private Practice and SACE

I have worked for 14 years as a Registerd Counsellor and Psychometrist in the private hospital and govermment sector, providing psychological counselling and psychometric assessments, crisis intervention, trauma debriefing and counselling, HIV/AIDS counseling, bereavement counselling, employee wellness and organisational diagnosis and development.

Services offered:

  • Trauma debriefing and counselling for vehicle accidents, murder, robbery, hijacking, rape, physical assault, house breaking, domestic violence
  • Bereavement/Grief counselling
  • HIV/AIDS & other chronic conditions counselling
  • Stress/ Anxiety management
  • Family/ Relationship problems
  • Substance dependency
  • Employee wellness programmes
  • Crisis intervention
  • Adjustment problems
  • Psychometric testing for behavioral-emotional, cognitive , learning difficulties, IQ,  subjects/career choice, school readiness and other psychological screening
  • Psycho- education
  • Any other problems experienced

Areas of special interest:

  • Trauma counselling
  • Bereavement counselling
  • HIV/ AIDS and other chronic illnesses

Fees are charged according to medical aid rates. We also accept cash payments.

To make an appointment, please use the above contact details. (If I am not available on my cellphone, please leave a text message.)

Practice No.:0582026/ 0582212
HPCSA No.: PRC0010162/ PMT0070173