Sarah Cohen-Schwarz

Registered Counsellor
Parkwood, Johannesburg
Hons (Psychology), RAU and Bpsych (UNISA)
Mobile Number: 083 675 5952
Email Address:
Parkwood Medical Centre 46 Ashford Rd Parkwood, Johannesburg

One of my favourite quotes is by Hycner and Jacobs … "The human heart yearns for contact … each of us ... yearns to be … recognised in our uniqueness, our fullness and our vulnerability."

I am a professional counsellor and work with adults, adolescents and children in many areas including trauma, the struggle to form a sense of self, difficulties in relationships, loss of enjoyment in life, bereavement and personal growth, amongst others.

My focus is on people looking for solid ground within themselves – people who are working towards self-understanding and acceptance. Sometimes this is based on the desire for personal growth and sometimes in a struggle to find and embrace one’s self.

I have a background in art therapy and use it with clients who prefer non-verbal communication or expressive mediums.  I find that creating images can be a powerful way of getting past mental ‘noise’, and getting in touch with ourselves.

I have been in the field since 2005 working with Lifeline and The Art Therapy Centre and have been in private practice since 2010.

The major portion of my fees can be claimed from medical aid.

HPCSA No. 0009962
Practice No. 0372471