Ali Murray

Relationship Counsellor
Parkmore, Sandton
Member of the Council of Counsellors South Africa CCSA. 0812
Mobile Number: 083 408 4061
Email Address:
96 on 4th Street, Parkmore, Sandton, Johannesburg

It’s not the problem but how you sort it out that is important.

 Ali Murray is a Relationship Counsellor in Sandton, she is a solutions based therapist. Ali focuses on finding solutions to the problems that brought couples and individuals to seek therapy.  Ali is able to assist individuals and couples in finding constructive, pro-active and positive solutions, to excel in their lives and relationships.


  • Identifying the problems/challenges;
  • Verbalizing thoughts and feelings surrounding the problems/challenges;
  • Obtaining professional opinion on the matter;
  • Deciding on a plan of action;
  • Activating and monitoring the plan, aimed at achieving particular objectives.


  • Develop new patters and ways of interacting with each other;
  • Introduce affirming communication patterns which deepen relationships; and
  • Healing of old hurts

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Practice Number: CCSA. 0812