Jasmyn Pretorius

Remedial Therapist and Registered Counsellor

Randpark Ridge, Randburg, Johannesburg

Advanced Diploma in Remedial Education (ADE, UJ); (Bed) Honours in Educational Psychology (UJ); Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE); in the process to complete the Masters Degree in Community Mental Health Promotion

082 482 2542



7 Ateljee Street, Randpark Ridge, Randburg, South Africa

Jasmyn Pretorius is a highly skilled and experienced Registered Counsellor and Remedial Therapist providing counselling services, remedial therapy and psycho-educational assessments. I am highly skilled in counselling for parents, adolescents and children. My therapeutic approach is holistic and integrative as I believe that the physiological, emotional, cognitive, educational and behavioral systems are influenced by the relationships and situations we find ourselves in and we, in turn, influence our relationships and situations. As a counsellor and remedial therapist, it is my priority to select the best counselling approach for each learner, individual or family from my wide range of counselling competencies, learning support skills and techniques whilst taking their contextual and cultural orientations into account.

The aim of counselling and remedial therapy is always to facilitate constructive change and growth. I believe that all learners have the capacity to experience academic success, as well as be empowered by personal achievement. As the prevalence of self-harm and suicidal tendencies is ever on the rise, I provide services specifically catering to young adults and teens whom are prone to these tendencies and experience depression.

When focusing on educational psychology and remedial therapy, I believe that each child and adolescent is capable of reaching their optimal potential in the educational, social and emotional domains. Psycho-Education is a vital part of the development process, and my therapeutic modalities are of a holistic nature. As I believe that our existence in all stages of life should be meaningful I also prepare learners for the stressors of school and university. I am highly trained in the areas of ADD / ADHD and in Specific Learning Disorders such as Dyslexia, Apraxia, Dysgraphia etc. I provide Remedial Therapy as well as learning support and study skills training and workshops to learners of all ages and stages of development as. I provide personalized study skills for individual learners as well as in group settings.

I assist parents with the difficult task of parenting. I am passionate about areas focusing on human and children’s rights, including issues ranging from abusive relationships to workplace and school bullying and developing skills to cope with life and the challenges that come with it. I am highly skilled in Career Counselling for grade 10, 11 and 12 learners, as well as subject choice for grade 9, and Career Development for adults who want to change or enhance their qualifications and careers.

In addition to Counselling and Remedial Therapy, I am highly qualified and experienced in the field of Psycho-Educational Assessments. I provide Career Assessments, Cognitive Assessments (intelligence assessment), Learner Support Needs Assessments, Concession Assessments, Screening for Specific Learning Disorders and ADD/ADHD, Specific Needs Assessments, Aptitude Assessments and School Readiness Assessments.

  • Practice Number: 0810000759198
  • HPCSA Number: PRC 0033367
  • SACE Registration Number : 12257187

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