Rirhandzu Shiburi

Counsellor, Family Law Mediator

I am a Wellness Counselor in Krugersdorp with a wealth of knowledge, skills and compassion, who works mostly with adults, parents, and teenagers.

I use the Systems approach to help my clients who are feeling stressed, depressed, and anxious to harness renewed energy by changing their paradigm shift (programmed habits and belief systems that are blocking or holding back their progress to succeed in life and learn new habits and beliefs with which to create the life they know they deserve.

My ideal clients often feel stuck in life and desire mental clarity and freedom to create a fulfilled life. Their needs often  include:

  • assistance in personal and career growth,
  • self-actualization,
  • creating sustainable relationships, and
  • marriage

Their immediate goals often include:

  • managing stressful situations such as dysfunctional lifestyle, addiction, unemployment/ poverty and marital problems
  • dealing with painful life events such as divorce, death, and grief for the loss of any kind.

I am trained and experienced in mental health, and my life experience has led me to this career.

Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners: