Heidi Nestler

Social Worker in Private Practice
Wendywood, Sandton, Johannesburg
Mobile Number: 083 457 1432
Email Address: heidin@global.co.za
42 St Sebastian Drive, Wendywood, Sandton, Johannesburg

Professional help for life’s challenges

I am a private social worker in Wendywood, Sandton. I work as a couple therapist, personal counsellor and psychotherapist, and am an accredited Group Analyst.  I work with adults towards emotional recovery, personal growth and more satisfying relationships.

I offer online tele-therapy or face to face therapy/counselling (subject to COVID-19 regulations).  Therapy may be brief or more long-term, always personalized to meet individual needs and circumstances.

My special interests

  • Couple- and Marriage Therapy: to build relational strength, conflict resolution and resilience;
  • Individual Personal Growth Psychotherapy: for emotional wellness, anxiety- and stress management;
  • Trauma- or Grief Counselling: to assist healing and recovery after loss or stressful event;:
  • Life Change Support Counselling: for adjustment to stressful changes like divorce, relocation, retirement;
  • Executive-, Professional- and Employee Wellness Counselling: for work/life balance, stress management;
  • Group Therapy: My online weekly therapy group offers the affordability, healing and skill-building power of the group-as-therapist.
  • Peer supervision: I am available for colleague supervision or consultation for professional development;
  • A psychodynamic approach: for deeper understandings of past and present influences in current life issues;
  • Emphasis on development: helping to build client strengths, options and resources, for empowered change.

 Practice hours:  Weekdays 08.00 to 19.00 and Saturdays 09.00 to 14.00. .

Fees:  Cash practice with a BHF practice number for reimbursement by most medical aids in SA.

 You are warmly invited to contact me to discuss your individual needs and options.
 "What seperates social work from other helping professions is its focus on the person-in-environment model and its emphasis on social justice. Social workers not only consider individuals’ internal struggles, as a counselor might, they also work with people to examine their relationships, family structure, community environment, and the systems and policies that impact them in order to identify ways to help address challenges.”  NASW “Guide to Social Work”

Professional Associations and Memberships:

  • SACSSP (SA Council for Social Service Practitioners);
  • SAASWIPP (SA Association of Social Workers in Private Practice)
  • UGAS (Ububele Group Analytic Seminars)

Practice Number:  8903425
SACSSP No:  10-13261