Lori Shifrin - Clinical Social Worker - Kirstenhof - Southern Suburbs

Lori Shifrin

Clinical Social Worker

Lori Shifrin - Clinical Social Worker - Kirstenhof - Southern Suburbs

Kirstenbosch, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town / Online

Masters Degree in Social Work (UCT), specialising in clinical practice

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18 La Rhone, Kirstenhof, Cape Town, South Africa

I’m Lori, a licensed clinical therapist (MSocSc UCT) specialising in clinical practice. I specialise in helping individuals overcome a wide range of mental health challenges, trauma, relationship with food and body, anxiety and stress, including grief and loss, postpartum and motherhood stressors as well as digital wellness.

I work using a Psychodynamic Therapy Approach as well as incorporating Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT). The objective of psychodynamic therapy is client self-awareness and gaining an understanding of the influence of the past on present behaviour. The goal of CBT is to reduce symptoms of various mental health conditions.

Let’s work together where I will help you to gain more awareness into your thinking, your core beliefs and emotions that lie beneath. I will equip you with tools unique to your process to facilitate the shift that you so deeply desire.

My physical practice is in Kirstenhof, a beautiful suburb of Cape Town, but I also offer online sessions.

: 1027224
BHF: 0576492

- 18 La Rhone, Kirstenhof