Elize Maartens

Social Worker

I am a registered Social Worker in private practice in Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria. I offer counselling, consultation, supervision and support to adults, youth, children, and other professionals in a safe and warm space. I work holistically with each individual and endeavour to help them on their life’s journey.

Services include:

  • General Child assessments;
  • Play therapy;
  • Adult assessments;
  • Adult counselling;
  • Teenage counselling;
  • Trauma counselling;
  • Couple/Relationship counselling;
  • Pre-marital counselling;
  • Marital counselling;
  • Group work;
  • Supervision/Consultation;
  • Employee wellness;
  • Life skills training;
  • Youth Leadership training.

Practice Number:
S.A.C.S.S.P (South African Council for Social Service Profession): 1022664
SAASWIPP (South African Association of Social Workers in Private Practice): 704082