Mark Shylton - Social Worker - Sandton & Kensington, Johannesburg

Hylton Marks

Social Worker

My training and working experience as a social worker have included helping clients individually, in couples, as families and in groups.  Areas in which I have assisted people in need include emotional issues, relationship difficulties, compulsive behaviours, domestic abuse, life stage difficulties, bereavement counseling and trauma debriefing. Some of the groups that I have facilitated include life skills groups, support groups for family members of people with chronic illness and male victims of domestic abuse. I have attended numerous training workshops in a variety of modalities – all of which have contributed to my broad knowledge base and effective skills.

In several instances I facilitated the process of involuntary and assisted admissions to hospitals where this has been necessary.

An area of particular interest to me is helping the elderly and their families in dealing with the life changes and challenges associated with the process of ageing. The elderly and their families are often faced with major life changes necessitated by factors such as diagnoses of chronic illnesses such as dementia, serious injury resulting from falls or other trauma and chronic conditions such as impaired vision, frailty and the need to relocate to places of care. My experience in having worked with the aged has enabled me to assist many aged individuals and their families in dealing effectively with these significant challenges. My style of working is empathic, warm and supportive and client centred.

Online counselling at medical aid rates.

Practice number: 089 000 0354031
SACSSP registration number: 1019462