Sean D. Waters

Stress Specialist Practitioner
Sydenham Johannesburg
Diplomate Educator/Administrator in Logotherapy, UNISA, UCAP, VFIUSA. Certified Member of the American Institute of Stress MN3013
Mobile Number: 083 783 2949
26 Roslin Street (cnr 9th Avenue), Sydenham, Johannesburg 2192

Practising Stress Specialist Practitioner, founder of The Stress Less Clinic™, where our philosophy provides individuals and companies with simple and practical ways of understanding, managing, and coping their stress and burnout for a balanced lifestyle.

Specialist Disciplines

  • Technostressology: Technostress, Techno-Addiction, Techno-Psychotherapy
  • Health Professionals Care Stress Management.

Stress Less Clinic™

Our team consists of highly skilled and certified practitioners specializing in their fields of expertise.

Our practitioners apply cutting edge counselling, mentoring and lecturing practical solutions to both individuals as well as organisations.

The Stress Less Clinic™ recognizes the need for guidance and counselling to help people to cope and manage their stress, anxiety, depression and trauma dilemmas. The Stress Less Clinic model is based on the principals of Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy.

The Stress Less Clinic™ offers counselling, mentoring, workshops, lectures and articles of interest on the phenomenon of stress and related conditions, anxiety, depression and trauma.

The Stress Less Clinic™ offers mental health awareness workshops and programs, mental health first aid courses, first aid and cpr courses through it's associate, equine assisted therapy with an associate, as well as a host of Organisational programs for both employers and employees.

With the formidable technological age upon us, the Stress Less Clinic specializes in the subject of the impact of technology on stress.

The Stress Less Clinic™ practices the new science of stress. The methods and applications that we use are practical and authentic. Our belief is that our clients experience their own stress which is unique to them.

Your feeling better about your attitude towards stress is our reward for having guided you along a new found path of meaningful and purposeful stress.

Sean's Qualifications

  • Diplomate Educator/Administrator in Logotherapy, UNISA, UCAP, VFIUSA
  • Certified Member of the American Institute of Stress MN3013
  • MHIC Registered Health Professional, Stress Management Practitioner
  • SANS Member, NFFF USA Stress First Aid Practitioner
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