Clinical Psychologist, Leslie Ebben B.A Psych (UJ), B.A. Hons Psych (UJ), M.A Clin Psych (UJ)

Georgina Vintin

Systemic Therapist

I trained in the UK and I offer a unique approach here in Cape Town. As well as working with individuals, I have been specifically trained to work with couples and families. I explore the relationship system and try to make sense of peoples actions and feelings and then work to change behaviours and patterns, by exploring people’s stories and specific episodes of interaction. It is an interventive approach, which often leads to clients seeing change fast.

I have experience of working with clients experiencing issues such as relationship problems, divorce and child related issues. My work tends to be short to medium term, around 3-8 sessions. I also offer a bespoke service in therapeutic divorce/separation family mediation.

Couples Counselling

Working with couples is something I have years of experience in and am passionate about doing. I take a non-blaming, neutral approach and am here to facilitate change and to not pass judgement. I have been specialising in this area for the last few years and feel that my systemic skills compliment this work perfectly.

When working with couples I am interested to explore relationship patterns to make sense of why couples are experiencing problems. These patterns are very compelling and can be hard to break, but with my help I believe that this is always possible and change does happen. I encourage clients to take risks and leaps of faith to change relationship patterns and to create positive change. Creating reflective space and making sense of your own positions in a relationship can develop new possibilities.

For couples, going into this process can be very scary and it seems like a big step. I would encourage couples to do this with me, as I have the experience and can ensure that the work feels safe to do so.

I also offer therapeutic family mediation for couples separating/divorcing or thinking about this as something they may do. In this context I have many years of experience and I am currently seeing many couples and children in this context.

This can be such a traumatic and difficult time for children and parents and I aim to be involved to to try and reduce the emotional impact of this difficult time and to help parents/couples make huge decisions that can impact them and their children forever.

Children and family work

I have experience working with children and families, using a variety of creative and playful approaches. You will see that few therapists are specifically trained and experienced to do this work and with nearly 10 years experience in this field, I urge you to get in touch with me.

I take a non-blaming, neutral approach and am interested in how the problem has manifested itself and how it affects the individual and the family relationship patterns. I take a systemic view, looking at when it started, how things have changed over time and exploring ways of how it could improve.

Individual work

With the use of my systemic tools, I am interested in exploring people’s experiences at the levels of feeling, meaning and action to begin to make sense of people’s problems in the context of the significant relationships around them. By being aware of these, we can explore new alternatives to change patterns of behaviour/experiences.

By talking together, we can create some reflective space to make sense of why you feel the way you do and what we can do to begin to create a difference. I offer a transparent approach sharing my hypotheses with you to help bring about difference and change, challenging the here and now and making way for new possibilities.

Divorce/Separation work

I also specialise in working with people going through the process of divorce and separation. I started a company a few years ago called Collaborate –

I work with Cape Town’s leading law firms so we can work together in new and innovative ways in ADR (alternative dispute resolution) approaches.

I also carry out mediation with clients (and fellow colleagues) to help them seek resolution in areas such as child contact, how to talk to their children about the change, living arrangements & finances.

Career Guidance

Big decisions can be hard to make.  It can be helpful to come and talk about options, decision making skills, your relationship to change and other areas in your life that impact on your career.

Length of work

Most of my work is fairly brief (3-8 sessions), seeing clients over a short period of time with a one or two week gap between sessions. This enables reflective space for both myself and my clients to make the most of our sessions together.


Fees variable.

I work in the areas below:

Atlantic Seaboard, Southern Suburbs and Town

Training, qualifications & experience

I hold a postgraduate diploma and masters in systemic psychotherapy and am registered with UKCP, as I have recently relocated to SA and am currently moving my registration over to HPCSA.

I have worked in the past with children, adults, couples and whole families within the NHS, Children Services & Education for many years.