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16 April 2021

Selecting the right therapist can be confusing!

Here are a set of guidelines for choosing a therapist that’s right for you:

  • Select a therapist with the right type of training/background for your needs. Therapists all fall into different scopes of practice and you need to take this into account before selecting a therapist. For example, if you need someone to treat a pathology you should look at clinical psychologists, however if you are concerned about your child’s academic performance you might make use of an educational psychologist.

  • Do you ‘click’ with your therapist? Your relationship with your therapist is essential to get the results you want. Choose someone with whom you feel comfortable and secure. This is important for your development in therapy and there is nothing wrong with not wanting to work with a certain therapist since it is your time and energy you are investing. Therapists are all unique and there will be someone out there for you.

  • Interview more than one therapist. Some therapists are happy to speak with you or meet with you in order to get to know you and your situation. You can use this time as an opportunity to gather information and an impression about the therapist’s style. Compare two or three therapists and select the one who seems most appropriate to you. Trust yourself to know what you need and allow your instinct to tell you if the person in front of you feels like a good fit!

  • Consider your therapist’s experience and techniques. A therapist with knowledge and experience of treating certain problems is sometime beneficial. Most therapists’ specialize in several areas and therefore can often adapt to your needs as the client. The type of therapeutic approach used by a therapist is also something that differs according to the client and training of the therapist. Take note of this and investigate what form of therapy may suit you the best.

  • Ask the prospective therapist questions. Good therapists are willing to answer your questions directly and openly. Consider asking questions about their depth of experience, qualifications, skills, and procedures.

  • Ask about fees. Make sure you understand how much a therapist charges and how much your medical aid covers. Speak to your medical aid about how many sessions of therapy it covers and when. Find out if your company will pay for your therapist (some do). This varies considerably amongst medical aids and many therapists work as cash practices these days.

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