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If you are a qualified psychotherapist, counsellor or social worker in South Africa, then you are welcome to submit your profile for inclusion on this website. [see recognised scopes of practise here]


Please send the following information to

  1. A short introduction for the list pages (max 50 words).
  2. Your detailed profile information, as you would like it to appear on your main profile page. (Please proof read it BEFORE you send it!)
  3. A digital photograph / logo.
  4. Your professional qualifications.
  5. Your contact details: phone, cell, email, website, Skype (where applicable).
  6. The physical address of your practice.
  7. Practice Number (where applicable).
  8. HPCSA Number (where applicable).
  9. The categories that you wish your profile to appear in (you can select these from the left hand side of the website). * See ‘costing’ below.

* costing

5 categories: R750 per year
EXTRA CATEGORIES: For each additional category (after your first 5), the cost is an additional R150 per year.
(e.g. 6 categories would be R900, etc.)

10 categories: R1200 per year
EXTRA CATEGORIES: For each additional category (after your first 10), the cost is an additional R120 per year.
(e.g. 11 categories would be R1320, etc.)

NB: The above costs are for a listing in one city (or region) only. Listing under additional cities/regions costs an additional 50% of the base rate (e.g. a basic listing under Cape Town AND Johannesburg would be: R750 + R375 = R1125)

You will only be invoiced once your profile appears online, to your satisfaction.

why join?

  • The Therapist Directory is the most popular online directory for therapists in SA.
  • Your profile is personalised to suit you. There are no restrictive form fields to fill in, so you can display your profile in whichever way you like, enhancing your strengths.
  • You will become more visible on the Internet, and by having back-links to your website / blog / facebook page, etc, you will improve your own Google rankings.
  • You will benefit from an extensive marketing campaign to promote our therapists.
  • Therapist Directory is constantly being developed and expanded to meet the needs of the therapists it represents.
  • Just think… if you get only one client referred from this website, you will easily have covered your expenses for a year!

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